There is a lot to be anxious about when you are searching for love online. It’s reasonable to be cautious when using dating apps, especially if you’ve heard from friends about terrible dates. There are many advantages to online dating, just like there can be some terrible experiences. Many people know of couples who appear so perfectly matched, it’s hard to believe they met through online dating.

Does online dating work? 

It’s not a good idea, or a waste of your time, and it doesn’t make you feel secure. However, online dating has its advantages and disadvantages, just like everything in love. We reached out to Lisa Marie Bobby (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Expert, Growing Self Counseling and Coaching), for more information.

While dating apps can cause ghosting and superficiality, there are also some positives. Bobby says, “Online dating is not without its risks. However, it offers a greater number of options than real-life meetings.” “This increases your chances of finding someone you are truly compatible with.”

Let’s set aside our fears and let the internet prove itself. Find expert advice on online dating.

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What Research Says About Dating Apps

According to recent research, online dating is increasing. Pew Research Center found that online dating is on the rise. In October 2019, 30% of Americans used online dating, up from just 11% in 2013. 1 of these 12 percent have been married or are in a committed marriage with someone they met online. This is an increase of just 3 percent from 2013.

Online dating seems to be an effective way to find love. A majority of the participants reported positive experiences with dating websites. Many people have had success online in finding long-term romantic partners, regardless of whether they’re looking for something more casual or more serious. Participants found it easy to find potential compatible partners if they liked the same people or shared common interests.

Online dating has negative side effects for young women, according to research. The survey revealed that 60% of women between 18 and 34 said that someone on an app/dating site kept contacting them after they told them they weren’t interested. However, about the same percentage of those women reported being sent explicit or unprompted messages or photos.

Bobby suggests that the main reason online dating can be so frustrating is the lack of a “shared-community.” Online dating can feel more like meeting a stranger and having to establish points for meaningful connection with no real-world experience. “Online dating is easy to ghost or be inconsiderate in the absence of a community or relationships. This can lead to a loss of reputation and comfort in your local community.

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